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Video cougar coquine olten

long ways away from that area, Hadley said. The deer tripped the camera and got it going and then the mountain lion came around the corner, so it was perfectly framed and timed, which I kind of thought was amazing, he said. We received a couple of calls last night, Hadley added, referring to the new video catching the cougar in the act. DWR said that the agency relies on peoples reports to allow them to handle these types of situations - but as far as this area is concerned they havent received nearly the amount of reports for the number of attacks residents claim have happened. DWR urges residents to report any sightings or attacks so they can take appropriate actions. The horse, they came up, they looked at the pictures and nothing happened, she said referring, to a horse that suffered injuries after being bitten and clawed near its hindquarters. This is the first time this cougar has been caught on video, but to Nordic Valley area residents this is a sight that has become all too common over the last three months. Residents believe the cougar caught on camera is the same one that they have captured wandering through their yards on security cameras and has left their livestock and pets wounded and dead. Out of all things, I dont think you should have to wait until you have a picture or you actually see it with your own eyes, it attacking a human or another animal, for them DWR to do anything, Miller said. We have a houndsmen on standby in the area right now, Hadley said.

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